Dog and Cat Spay and Neuter

When to spay or neuter?

Brookhaven Animal Hospital always recommends that every puppy or kitten get their spay or neuter surgery. This common, routine procedure brings a number of health benefits to both male and female pets. In addition, spaying and neutering helps combat overpopulation since it is possible for dogs and cats to become pregnant after their first heat cycle. Each and every year, millions of cats and dogs end up in shelters and many of them will never find their forever home.

Our veterinarians generally recommend all puppies and kittens receive a spay or neuter surgery, sooner than later. This can be done as early as 6 months of age. As with any surgery, our team examines each pet prior to their procedure, we'll monitor your pet regularly during their procedure, and we will go over follow-up instructions and thoroughly answer any questions or concerns you may have for your pet's recovery upon discharge.

homeless puppy hugging a sad kitten on autumn leaves

The many benefits of spaying or neutering your dog or cat

Spaying and neutering can give pets a better quality of life by:

  • Reducing incidences of roaming and fights with other dogs or cats
  • Preventing or minimizing the male tendency of marking territory with strong-smelling urine in the house
  • Putting an end to loud vocalizations
  • Stopping males from trying to mount other animals, furniture, or people
  • Eliminating testicular or mammary gland cancers and pyometra, a uterine infection.

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